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Positive Behavior Support Songs

Positive Behavior Support attempts to use a system to understand what feeds an individual behavior problem.

It aims to discover the purpose of a persons (or group of peoples) behaviors.

People act poorly because the action gets them something they want- attention, pleasure, alone time- whetever it may be that the misbehaving person wants.

The purpose may not be something that another person may understand, but it benefits the person doing the behavior.

Scott Perry’ Positive Behavior Support songs are designed to educate kids on what types of behaviors are appropriate.  For many kids, clearly knowing the rules and expectations can help motivate them to behave well. In general, children enjoy doing what is expected of them. Many children however are more complicated.

Positive Behavior Support Methods

There are all sorts of ways to deal with behavior problems in a positive way. There are different strategies for different situations. Scott Perry’s Positive Behavior Support songs can be a good Music can be an important part of many of these methods. Here is a list of strategies you can use to alter an undesired behavior.

  • Clearly educate the child on what is okay and what is not okay
  • Change the environment, antecedents (such as curriculum) to behavior or routine
  • Tactical ignoring of the problem behavior
  • Distracting the child or student
  • Positive reinforcement for positive behavior
  • Changing expectations and demands placed upon the child / student
  • Teaching the child / student new skills and behaviors
  • Modification techniques such as desensitization and graded extinction
  • Changing how people around the child / student react

The main keys to creating a behavior management program include:

  • Identifying the specific behaviors to address
  • Establishing the goal for change and the steps required to reach them
  • Procedures used for recognizing and monitoring changed behavior
  • Choosing the most effective behavioral strategies that will be most effective

Songs for School Wide Positive Behavior Support

One thing that often times confuses children is an inconsistance
A great advance in school-wide discipline is the emphasis on school-wide systems of support that include proactive strategies for defining, teaching and supporting appropriate student behaviors. Schools should develop expectations that all the students are taught and encouraged to obey.

This is more effective than using a patchwork of behavioral management plans just for “problem children”.

Scott Perry’s Positive Behavior Support songs are designed to be used school wide for elementary schools. His songs are most appealing to kids from Kindergarten through 3rd grade but the principles learned from the songs should continue to be taught throughout a students time at school.

The lyrics of Scott’s Positive Behavior Support music talk about broad topics such as honesty, kindness and respect. Schools and teachers can take these broad topics and create more specific lesson plans based on them to help solve individual problems that they see in their students.



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