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Along with being a musician, Scott Perry is also an educator and former elementary school principal with a degree in psychology. 

He now works closely with schools as they implement PBS (Positive Behavior Support), a powerful program that helps schools with student behavior management.  Contact Scott

PBS for KidsMusic that teaches kids

Scott Perry’s music is designed to teach children important character traits such as honesty, kindness, integrity, and patience – and to teach them specific skills and behavior expectations they will use at school and throughout their lives.

Great tool for Teachers

Teachers (especially grades Kindergarten through 4th) have found Scott’s music to be extremely helpful in the classroom.  His music is based on Positive Behavior Support (PBS) and so his songs help kids learn rules and expectations in a fun positive way.

“I play Scotts CDs when we are doing class activities like art projects, or playtime.

My students love Scott’s songs.  Not only do they know the rules talked about in his music, they love the rules! They have even begun to police themselves in the classroom and on recess.”

Courage to Be MeGreat tool for Parents

The character traits and expectations taught in Scott’s music are just as good in the home as they are at school.

“We ordered Scott’s CD “Courage to be Me” and my kids are in love with the music. They don’t want to listen to anything else. Lucky for us, his songs are so well done that my husband and I enjoy them too.”

A wonderful Gift for Teachers and New Parents

If you know a Teacher who works with young children, surprise them with a CD as a gift. It’s also a perfect choice for a baby shower.

Songs For GrownupsSongs for Grown ups

As a father of 4 boys, an educator, and former elementary school principal, Scott has a true passion for working with children. He has put together a new CD called “Songs for Grown Ups” which is a collection of music he has written throughout his lifetime.  This music, sometimes heartfelt, and sometimes comical, is especially appreciated by those who share his passion for helping children in need.

Working with children can been extremely difficult and is often times unappreciated.  Scott’s “Songs for Grown Ups” have inspired a countless number of people to continue forward in this great work.

This Site

This site is designed to be a help to teachers and parents. Feel free to look around and find all that it has to offer.

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